Insert image into the content in Drupal 7

  1. First all all, you must install and activate the following modules:
    •  Wysiwyg module
    •  IMCE module
    •  IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module
  2. Install CKEditor (you may also install another editor),Go to Module -> Wysiwyg  -> Configure. You can found the text of "CKEditor (Download)" on the page, press 'Download' link and visit into the download page。
    Install CKEditor on drupal 7
  3. As the above figure, you can found the current supported version of CKEditor is (3.0 - 4.6.2). After you visit the download page, click the 'Releases notes' and go to the page you can found the older versions.  Find and download the version of 4.6.2.
    下載 CKEditor
  4. For finish the installation of CKEditor, unzip the downloaded file and upload the unzipped folder into /sites/all/libraries/ .
  5. Go to Module-> Wysiwyg -> Configure
    • Change the value of the 'TEXT FORMAT' option to 'Full HTML'
    • Change the value of the 'EDITOR option to 'CKEditor 4.6.2'
    • Finally, press the 'Create Profile' button.

    create Wysiwyg profile

  6. You must at least check the 'Image' and 'IMCE' options and save it. Now, all necessary modules have been already installed。
    select tool bar element
  7. Create a new content and select the 'Full HTML' as the text format of the content.
  8. Now, you can press the 'insert/edit image' button on the toolbar of the editor to upload your image and insert it into the content.
    Insert image into editor on Drupal 7